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Sea Trout

The Glistening Gem of the Everglades Waters.
“The Sea trout is known for its unmistakable surface head shakes and its large fang-shaped teeth not to mention its excellent table fare.”
Captain Jesse

Introduction to Near Shore Fishing

The Sea Trout, often referred to as the ‘Speckled Trout,’ is a prized catch for many anglers venturing into the waters of the Everglades. Known for its distinct appearance and spirited fight, this fish offers both a challenge and a reward for those seeking a memorable fishing experience.
Introduction to the Sea Trout

Characteristics of the Sea Trout

The Sea Trout boasts a sleek, elongated body adorned with a silvery-blue hue on top, fading to a white belly. Distinct black spots scatter across its back and fins, giving it its ‘speckled’ moniker. Ranging in size from 1 to 8 pounds, with some exceptional catches weighing more, this fish is known for its sharp teeth and powerful runs when hooked.

Habitat and Behavior

Preferring the seagrass beds, shallow flats, and channels of the Everglades, the Sea Trout is a nocturnal feeder, often hunting for shrimp and smaller fish. Its tendency to frequent clear, shallow waters makes sight-fishing for Sea Trout a thrilling experience. Anglers often find success using soft plastics, live bait, or topwater lures when targeting this species

Fishing Tips from Captain Jesse

Captain Jesse’s years in the Everglades have given him a keen understanding of the Sea Trout’s habits. ‘For the best results,’ he advises, ‘focus on the changing tides, especially during the early morning or late evening. And always be patient; the Sea Trout is as cunning as it is beautiful.
Kevin KolodziejcykKevin Kolodziejcyk
12:34 08 Aug 23
We had a great time with Captain Jesse! He provided us with the kind of experience we were after and worked hard to put us on fish. He was patient with my boys and they were talking his ear off in no time. A trip we will never forget.
michael romancemichael romance
23:33 07 Aug 23
I have been fishing with Jesse at outgoing charters for over 10 years. Nobody knows the backwaters or how to catch fish there better than Captain Jesse. We caught fish every trip and he always makes it an enjoyable trip. He is friendly knowledgeable and patient. There is nothing like escaping the everyday stresses of life and heading to the backwaters to fish with Jesse at outgoing charters. Worth every penny.
Adam DawsonAdam Dawson
12:40 03 Jul 23
It’s always been amazing with Captain Jesse fishing around the 10,000 islands in the Everglades. I went out in the beginning of February with him and he had me hooked up to the biggest fish I’ve ever caught! A giant cobia! The day kept getting better as we went further inland to catch several reds and a few snook! I can’t wait to get down there in a few weeks and do it all over again!
22:48 01 Jul 23
First time in the everglades, Jesse made us feel right at home. Great time on the water and great fish to bring home.
John GranierJohn Granier
18:42 01 Jul 23
Jesse was great! He handled us on a full boat of me & 3 teenagers. He was joking & teaching my teens. Our first experience in the everglades. Caught a variety of species & saw dolphins. Loved it.
Hailey GriffinHailey Griffin
23:15 13 Nov 22
We have went out with Capt Jesse about 6 times in the past 5 years and we always have a great time! He is extremely knowledgeable and friendly and does all he can to get you to the best fishing spots in the Ten Thousand Islands. There is no other charter captain we trust to take us fishing!

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