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Gear Up with Outgoing Charters: The Best in Fishing Equipment

At Outgoing Charters, we believe in delivering the best fishing experience, and that starts with the equipment we use. Captain Jesse, with his years of experience, understands the importance of reliable and efficient fishing gear.

Our recent expedition was a testament to the quality of our equipment. The 300 hp Yamaha engine powered us effortlessly through diverse water terrains, from salty waters to the sweet “fresh” merging zones. The dual live wells and re-circulation bait well ensured that our bait was in optimal condition, increasing our chances of a successful catch.

The fishing gear itself is top-notch. From rods that can withstand the pull of the mightiest fish to reels that offer smooth action, every piece of equipment is chosen with care and expertise.

Furthermore, we’re always on the lookout for innovations in fishing gear. If you have a product or gear that you believe aligns with our standards, we’d love to hear from you. Together, let’s make fishing not just a hobby, but an art form.

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